Mark Zuckerberg is the poster child for those who dropped out of the university, but still became successful regardless. With the influx of success stories from billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, who either dropped out of the university, or never attended, today’s Nigerian youth is left to wonder, whether going to a university is important to his future.

In the times of my fathers, having just a high school certificate was enough to get you a car and a job, here in Nigeria. But today, getting a good job after university graduation remains a Herculean task. Therefore, I have also pondered the importance of university education in my future and the future of other youth like me.

A university education will expose the youth to various job options, as a youth without a university degree is limited in the jobs he or she can be offered. However, due to a survey conducted by Jobberman, which says that 45% of Nigerian graduates are unemployed, many argue that, going to the university only allows you more choices and flexibility in life, but is not directly proportional to your future success.

Still, facts are facts, and the importance of going to the university cannot be overemphasized. Here are 6 salient reasons you should get a university education;

  1. Better Job Opportunities.

Going to the university gives you a better standing in life, because you are open to different career choices and job offers. It is true that 45% of Nigerian graduates are unemployed, but it is also true that a university degree is not the only criteria for getting a job. Employers are looking for strong analytics ability, good communication skills, good people skills, etc. These qualities might not be garnered from the course you are studying in the university, but it is gotten from your collective experience in the university, from workshops, seminars, field trips and even class discussions. Moreover, there are so many job websites with hundreds of job adverts. Some of the new ones include a new job site that launched which has many jobs in sectors such as management consulting, especially for students and beginners in their professional careers. With the right written CV you can be surprised how many people would consider you for a potential candidate. So when you put in your best at the university, you have a better chance at getting high paying jobs that would give you the kind of future you envisage for yourself.


  1. Class upgrade.

It automatically puts you in a class of the educated. People tend to take you more serious when you have gone to the university. It is the way of the world to trust and do business with an educated person, than one who has had no university education. So, your university degree opens doors of opportunities for you due to your class upgrade.


  1. Balanced development.

When people argue that going to the university is not important because your CGPA does not determine your elevation in life, they often forget that the university is not only for studying the chosen courses. The university exposes the youth to a wide range of activities and network, which aids in a balanced development of the mind, and this is inherently important to the student’s future.


  1. Draw from Expert experience.

To be successful in life, information is important, and where else to get information than from the university. The university gives you the opportunity of a lifetime, to learn from professors and experts, about different fields and different areas of life. With this information, the student is better footed than the one who has not been to a university, to take charge of his future.


  1. Acquiring leaderships skills needed for life.

In the university, the student is exposed to challenging situations, which with the help of the tutors and other authorities in the universities would make the student into a formidable individual. Overcoming such challenges and achieving the end goals, often gives the student s sense of achievement and confidence in their abilities. These qualities are what make good leaders. If you say the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, then going to the university is important to the student’s future.


  1. Self Actualization.

Self actualization is the most important ingredient in attaining future success, and this is what going to the university provides for the student. There is nothing that helps a youth gain self actualization more than being exposed to different fields of study and finding one’s passion in the process.

There has been cases of students who started with one course, but discovered this was not what they really wanted to do, and went ahead to pursue the courses that match with their talents and ambition in life.

Even Mark Zuckerberg found more room to develop his passion for computer programming when he got into Harvard. It was at Harvard that he built CourseMatch, a computer program that helped students choose courses according to the choice of other users. It was at the university he found that there was a great market for his passion, as he gained popularity among the students, as the go-to student for computer programming. If Mark Zuckerberg left after his sophomore year, it was because the university had given him all the tools he needed for self actualization.

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